Being Stoned into Glory -Acts 7:54-60

The interesting and fascinating thing about serving Jesus Christ, is that He invites and allows us, by His grace, to embark on a mysterious and satisfying journey with Him. There are no standards that He holds towards us, other than being freely abandoned to His grace. There is no other way to get to Him other than that. It doesn’t require a certain dress, ritual, regulation, or practice. It is solely the act of letting go, and being transformed by who He is, which results in Him working through us. There is a posture of being “stoned into his glory” that we must let Him make complete in us daily though, in order to be like Him. This act of surrender is not easy, but it is well worth it-leading to an eternal satisfaction and glory.
God allows us to be in likeness with Him. We are extremely unworthy of such a position, but the humility of Christ is something that one cannot resist and help to love. It is a privilege and honor to strive towards a life that is parallel with that of Jesus Christ, like His servant Stephen. Who proclaimed the history of God’s faithfulness and mercy, followed by God-given authority and presenting a glorious repentance, followed by a death just off the path of the sorrow of Jesus, finished by a triumphal entrance into Heaven. What a journey that Christ calls us to. We are Jesus to this world, presented with an opportunity to share in His parallel likeness.

Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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