VIDEO – Make Progress

Wednesday Night Worship Service at Victory of Houma Church in Houma, LA: This has been a tough year for all of us in different ways. In this sermon, I preach from Philippians 2 on why it’s important and possible to Make Progress and keep moving forward, even in the tough times!

Dive Deeper

Those of us who know Christ will have seasons of life where we feel like we are on a spiritual mountain top, and others where we will feel stuck in the valley. These experiences are to be expected and happened to people in the Bible as well. Each season presents an opportunity for growth –Continue reading “Dive Deeper”

Lessons I’m Learning

When we set goals for this year, COVID-19 was definitely not on our radar. It has changed the way we interact with people, carry out our daily lives, routines and future planning. Jobs have been lost, the economy has taken a hit, schools are struggling with what to do, churches, businesses, events and everything elseContinue reading “Lessons I’m Learning”

VIDEO – Big Faith

Vintage Church Sunday Morning Worship Gathering: When we live with big faith, we are able to make a big impact! In this sermon, I preach from Hebrews 11 about living with big faith for Jesus!

VIDEO – Pastors Chat!

Check out the video conversation below as I talk with some of my Ministry and Pastor friends that I went to seminary with about how they are navigating life and ministry during the COVID-19. Special Guests include: Drake Nosco – Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Nashville, TN) “Fearing man leads to nothing good. TrustContinue reading “VIDEO – Pastors Chat!”

15 Names of God

It’s interesting to look through the Bible and read about the various names that are given for God. From the Old Testament to New Testament, we see His name, nature and character being described in ways that help us better understand the context of Scripture and God’s love for the world. I’ve noticed that whenContinue reading “15 Names of God”


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