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‘Real People Real Talk’ Podcast with Paul Calcote

A Divided Nation Needs a United Church (Listen here)

‘Real People Real Talk’ Podcast with Paul Calcote

A Step in the Right Direction (Listen here)

‘Mutterings of a Bald Guy’ Podcast with Chet Bergeron:

Authentic Leadership in an Inauthentic World (Listen here)

‘Answering the Call‘ Podcast with NOBTS

An Expose of a Ministries Pastor (Listen here)


In this video, I talk with some Pastor friends that I went to seminary with about navigating life and ministry during the COVID-19.

In this video, I teach our Vintage Church leaders what it looks like to live Spirit-led from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24.

In this video, I teach our Vintage Church leaders what it means to delight in God through taking a Sabbath.


Blog for MissionLab: Build Your Ministry around Jesus as Lord and Savior

Blog for Team Jesus Magazine: 4 Reasons to Make Rest a Priority in Your Life

Blog for NOBTS: 5 Lessons for Transitioning from Seminary to Ministry

Blogs for Vintage Church: Never Satisfied & Always Wanting More: Uncovering the Deadly Sin of Envy, Living in the Reality of Injustice: Defeating the World’s Doubt About Christians, Mother’s Day–A Reflection of Honor, How Do We Love Others?, Enjoying Food the Way God Intended: Resisting the Deadly Sin of Gluttony, Some Thanksgiving Reflections, Loving to Maturity, Defeating Doubt: Is the Bible Reliable in Our Daily Lives?, Love Ya Pops!: A Father’s Day Reflection, The Preparation of Fasting, Resting in God’s Security, Jesus Can Relate, What To Do With Your Sin, But God, The Position of Prayer, A COVID-19 Response

Devotional written with Dr. Dustin Turner for Vintage Church: A Time To Return

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