God’s Mysterious Goodness

The way the Lord works is far beyond mine, yours, or anyone’s comprehension. The more that I learn to grow in my faith, and embrace the calling that God has placed upon me, the more that I realize that there is a great mystery the Lord never allows you to fully understand. Whether this mystery is his timing (a big one for me), his sovereignty, his all-knowing abilities, his power, his love towards anyone and everyone, or any other trait of who he is, this mystery is always a part of who He is. Paul even says in Ephesians, that he wants all to “proclaim the mystery of the gospel.” God is God and we are not, so we know that there has to be some kind of mystery, because He is far beyond us, but there are some mysteries that are harder to accept than others.

I’m sure we can all relate to this topic. With my life personally right now, I sense a lot of “uncertainties”. For the first time in my life, the next step is not laid out clearly in front of me. First it was grade school, then high school, then I finally found a college, or was accepted into one-praise the Lord, went off to college, went to one more college, graduated–and suddenly things became quite the blur. Yes, I knew where I was going next thankfully, an opportunity that the Lord had graciously provided, but the other details that I longed for were actually beginning to hit me in the face. When I was in college, I thought that I would wait to handle these situations until after I graduated, because I could, and I had enough on my plate with just trying to get that diploma. Suddenly, life is coming at me and running 100 MPH, and I can’t seem to slow down or barely live in the moment. Society, pressure, and temptations of the world are everywhere around us. All it takes is one slip, one wrong turn, and one weak moment to fall into the trap of sin. Sometimes, all of this seems to much, too draining, too confusing, and too difficult to handle..which it is, on our own. This is where God’s goodness comes into play, which I am praying for/towards and working through every day, and even as I type this.

In my church, we recently went through the story of Abraham, and how the Lord tested Him with waiting, waiting..and more waiting. Abraham and Sarah wanted to have a child, and God even promised that child to them, and said that he would build a nation through that child. But time kept going and going, and no child. God continued to remind Abram-Abraham, and even counted him as righteousness. “And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). Abraham did in fact believe the Lord, because the Lord counted Abram as righteous. We must keep in mind that Abram was human, so just because he was righteous does not mean that he did not slip and fall, because in the next chapter he did, as he slept with Hagar, in order to have a child, but this was not the child that the Lord promised. There were consequences for this, but God continued to promise that child to Abraham and Sarah, even through their sin and doubt.

Long story short-God time and time again was faithful to fullfill his promise, and he did. Their son Isaac was born, and was about to embark on an incredible journey. This is where the mystery comes in play, or knowing that God works in ways far beyond our comprehension. Abraham was soon after that called by God to go offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice, even after all of this waiting, suffering, and difficulty, God called him to take his son to the top of a mountain, and literally kill him. So Abraham went, and Isaac went with him. Just as Abraham was about to slay his boy, with terror in his son’s eyes, God called out to him: “Abraham..do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him, for now I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your only son from me” (Gen. 22). God then provided a sacrifice.

Can you imagine this? God took Abraham and his wife through an intense period of waiting, full-filled his promise, and then called Abraham to give up what he had been waiting for the whole time, to only bring Abraham to a deeper level of dependence on him, in order to say, “not I know that you fear God..”

God will not spare us anything, if it brings us farther away from him, he will go to extreme measures to reassure us that he is all that we need, and nothing can stand in that way. I’m pretty sure this speaks for itself…All I can do after reading these passages is pray for a faith like Abraham, knowing that God knows exactly what he’s doing, and he can be trusted even with our most precious possession or relationship. He knows the desires of our hearts, and knows what needs to be done in order for us to be fully aligned with Him. This is my prayer, daily. That I would have a Christ-like and eternal perspective. I hope this encouraged anyone who read this!

Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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