Contact & Speaking

Feel free to send a message below to connect with me or to reach out about any speaking/preaching opportunities! You can also see some some upcoming preaching opportunities I have and some places I’ve preached at in the past.

Some preaching opportunities coming up:

  • University of New Orleans BCM- April 14th (New Orleans, LA)
  • Mulberry Baptist Church Student Ministry- May 13th (Houma, LA)
  • MissionLab Student Camp- Week of May 31st (NOBTS/New Orleans, LA)
  • Vintage Church NOLA- June 12th (Metairie, LA)
  • MissionLab Student Camp- Week of June 28th (NOBTS/New Orleans, LA)

Some past preaching opportunities:

All Ages-

  • Vintage Church NOLA (Metairie / New Orleans, LA)
  • Vintage Church PITT (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Lifepoint Church (Decatur, AL)
  • FBC Spartanburg (Spartanburg, SC)
  • Victory of Houma Church (Houma, LA)
  • Marietta First Baptist Church (Marietta, SC)
  • Parkview Baptist Church (Metairie, LA)
  • Odena Baptist Church (Sylacouga, AL)
  • FBC Lockport (Lockport, LA)
  • St. Peters Presbyterian Church (New Orleans, LA)
  • Metairie Church (Metairie, LA)
  • Corinth Baptist Church (Picayune, MS)
  • Oak Park Baptist Church (New Orleans, LA)
  • Des Allemands Mennonite Church (Des Allemands, LA)
  • Liberty Baptist Church (Meridian, MS)
  • Mount Mary Baptist Church (Middlesboro, KY)
  • El Shaddai Ministries (Puerto Prince, Haiti)

Student Ministry-

  • MissionLab Camp at NOBTS (New Orleans, LA)
  • Lifepoint Church D-Now Weekend (Decatur, AL)
  • New Zion Baptist Church Area Wide See You at the Poly Rally (Covington, LA)
  • FBC Albany Area Wide See You at the Pole Rally (Albany, GA)
  • FBC Albany Student Winter Retreat (Beckley, WV)
  • FBC Kingston High School Winter Retreat (Kingston, TN)
  • Secona Baptist Church Student Retreat (Pickens, SC)
  • Odena Baptist Church D-Now Weekend (Sylacouga, AL)
  • French Settlement Baptist Church D-Now Weekend (French Settlement, LA)
  • Lanier Baptist Church D-Now Weekend (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Spartanburg High School FCA (Spartanburg, SC)
  • Chinese Baptist Church Youth English Service (Kenner, LA)
  • Vintage Church Student Ministry (Metairie, LA)
  • New Hope Baptist Church Student Ministry (Fayetteville, GA)
  • FBC Spartanburg Student Ministry (Spartanburg, SC)
  • Northside Baptist Church Student Ministry (Milledgeville, GA)

College & Young Adult Ministry-

  • University of New Orleans BCM (New Orleans, LA)
  • Tulane and Loyola University BCM (New Orleans, LA)
  • Southwest Mississippi College BCM (Summit, MS)
  • Georgia College and State University BCM (Milledgeville, GA)
  • FBC Spartanburg College & Young Adult Ministry (Spartanburg, SC)

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