PODCAST – 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Real People Real Talk – Paul Calcote Podcast I had the opportunity, along with some other preachers, to share about one of the last sayings of Jesus on the cross on my friend Paul’s podcast. Good Friday and Easter may be over, but this truth remains every day. The saying I shared about was #5,Continue reading “PODCAST – 7 Last Sayings of Jesus”

The Power of a Phone Call

Communication. A word that makes it’s way into just about every area of our lives. We communicate on a daily and hourly basis. Communication looks different, depending on what we are doing, who we are talking to and what we are trying to accomplish.  I don’t know about you, but the importance of communicating clearlyContinue reading “The Power of a Phone Call”

VIDEO – Pastors Chat!

Check out this video conversation below as I talk with some of my Pastor friends that I went to seminary with about how they are navigating a new year after the rough year of 2020! SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE: Irvin Wasswa – Campus Pastor at Tylertown Church (Tylertown, TN) “The crises taking place on Earth doContinue reading “VIDEO – Pastors Chat!”

Spiritual Awareness in 2021

Do you ever wonder what’s going on in the spiritual realm? For those that know Jesus, there is this reality that we put our faith in what we can’t currently physically see. When we gave our lives to Jesus, we stepped into a life of faith based on His work on the cross. Yes, weContinue reading “Spiritual Awareness in 2021”

VIDEO – Right Relationship

Vintage Church Sunday Morning Worship Gathering: This Advent and Christmas season, it’s important that we prepare for the Lord! We reflect on the first coming of Jesus, live in what He’s doing right now and also anticipate his second coming. One way we do this is by walking in right relationship with Him. In thisContinue reading “VIDEO – Right Relationship”

PODCAST – A Divided Nation Needs a United Church

Real People Real Talk – Paul Calcote Podcast I had the opportunity, along with my friends Irvin Wasswa and Adam Venters, to join the conversation “A Divided Nation Needs a United Church” on my friend Paul Calcote’s podcast (Real People Real Talk). This was a very impactful conversation for me, especially in light of theContinue reading “PODCAST – A Divided Nation Needs a United Church”