Fight On Your Mount Carmel

1 Kings 18: (20-40)

In reading these verses in 1 Kings 18, one cannot help but to notice the authority and great expectation that Elijah presents to the people surrounding him, which are great in number and opposition. As Elijah finds himself outnumbered by hundreds who are creating and worshipping other Gods, such as Baal, and claiming to be prophets, he still remains true to who he knows he is-a prophet and servant of the LORD himself. All it takes for Elijah is a word from The Lord, and his response is immediate obedience, no matter the odds against him. Elijah begins with identifying the problem, which is the 450 prophets of Baal who have strayed far from The LORD in Israel. Elijah doesn’t just identify the problem, but he refuses to let it remain, and he aggressively and confidently acts according to what The LORD commanded him to do. Let the battle begin! As Christ always calls us to make war against this world, because we have the victory, Elijah does just that. By using Mount Carmel as the arena and platform of his obedience-a sacrifice was arranged of two bulls on an altar, one for Baal and one for the LORD. Prayer for fire to come down from the true God was voiced and cried out, but only the LORD himself proved faithful, with an abundance of fire and provision. Elijah defied the odds, and had the upmost confidence that the true and living God would prevail against those against Him. The prophets of Baal suffered the extreme consequences for their actions. Despite the numbers and lies surrounding him on each side, Elijah put his faith and trust in the LORD, which did not fail him. The victory belongs to Him alone!

What is your opposition today? What is staring you down from every side, and causing you to make war against the odds? Elijah first and foremost identified the problem, and then resolved in his heart that he would not settle for ordinary. Obedience is never easy, but it’s always well worth the fight. Gods glory and favor is always available to us, but it only occurs when we prove to be obedient and aggressive for the LORD. The battle is His. Let Him fight it through you. Just as Mount Carmel was used as the battleground platform for Elijah to fight for the LORD, we must find and claim our platform, as Holy and victorious ground. Live confidentially on your Mount Carmel today. Watch and see what the LORD does, and give him praise!


Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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