Swallowing the Truth-John 6

John chapter 6 is full of the reality of the majesty and wonders of Jesus. It begins with Jesus performing many miracles and signs, such as feeding 5,000 men, not including the women and children, with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Because of the reaction of the people wanting to make himContinue reading “Swallowing the Truth-John 6”

Fight On Your Mount Carmel

1 Kings 18: (20-40) In reading these verses in 1 Kings 18, one cannot help but to notice the authority and great expectation that Elijah presents to the people surrounding him, which are great in number and opposition. As Elijah finds himself outnumbered by hundreds who are creating and worshipping other Gods, such as Baal,Continue reading “Fight On Your Mount Carmel”

Being Stoned into Glory -Acts 7:54-60

The interesting and fascinating thing about serving Jesus Christ, is that He invites and allows us, by His grace, to embark on a mysterious and satisfying journey with Him. There are no standards that He holds towards us, other than being freely abandoned to His grace. There is no other way to get to HimContinue reading “Being Stoned into Glory -Acts 7:54-60”

God’s Mysterious Goodness

The way the Lord works is far beyond mine, yours, or anyone’s comprehension. The more that I learn to grow in my faith, and embrace the calling that God has placed upon me, the more that I realize that there is a great mystery the Lord never allows you to fully understand. Whether this mysteryContinue reading “God’s Mysterious Goodness”