VIDEO – Pastors Chat!

Check out the video conversation below as I talk with some of my Ministry and Pastor friends that I went to seminary with about how they are navigating life and ministry during the COVID-19.

Special Guests include:

Drake Nosco – Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Nashville, TN)

Fearing man leads to nothing good. Trust and fear God!

Irvin Wasswa – Campus Pastor of Tylertown Church (Tylertown, TN)

Choose joy in this season! Even though the virus has changed things for us, the Gospel is still going forth. The Gospel cannot be stopped.”

Michael Pogue – Senior Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church (Metairie, LA)

“God’s church can survive without a lot of things. The Lord has promised to build His church!”

Derek Griffon – Student Pastor of The Bayou Church (Lafayette, LA)

The mission of Jesus is not microwaveable! Be patient on mission. Be persistent in prayer. Be present with your people.

Adam Venters – Metro BCM Campus Minister (Little Rock, AR)

Lean in to God through prayer and seek His face. God is going to give us whatever we need during this season.

Noah Madden – Future NAMB Church Planter (Boston, MA)

“We are on prime time to be on mission! Don’t shrink away from opportunities, but be bold!”

Augustine Hui – Campus Pastor of Metairie Church (Metairie, LA)

“God has given us a unique opportunity right now to stop and pray. Let’s let God cultivate our hearts. Imagine what God can do with the church if we all did those things!”

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