15 Names of God

It’s interesting to look through the Bible and read about the various names that are given for God. From the Old Testament to New Testament, we see His name, nature and character being described in ways that help us better understand the context of Scripture and God’s love for the world.

I’ve noticed that when I pray, I tend to use these four names of God: God, Father, Lord and Jesus. This is obviously not a bad thing at all, but it’s been very eye opening for me to look beyond just those four names and study about other names used for God as well. 

At Vintage Church, we just finished a three week Bible reading plan, looking at the different names of God from the He Reads & She Reads Truth study. You can find that reading plan HERE as well as the Scriptures given for each one. 

Here are the different names along with their meaning: 

  • Yahweh: The intimate, covenantal, relational name of God.
  • God and Elohim: The first name used for God in the Bible. Greatness, majesty and power.
  • Lord: The title of honor, respecting the authority and ruling power of God.
  • Immanuel and God with us: God’s nearness and presence to His people.
  • Holy One: He is set apart as holy. The righteousness and holiness of God.
  • Lord of armies: Assures us of the power of our mighty God. Security, power and strength of God in the face of his enemies.
  • Spirit: The Old Testament manifestation of God’s presence on Earth and the New Testament third person of the Trinity. The non-incarnate, non-physical presence of God.
  • Living God and God Most High: He is alive and greater than all other ‘gods’. God’s superiority over all other gods and idols.
  • God Almighty: God’s power over all things. Guarantee of His promise.
  • Refuge and Fortress: God’s protection from eternal threats. Safe place in times of trouble. 
  • Jealous God: He alone is worthy of praise and will not share with another. God’s right to be the only object of worship. 
  • Shepherd: God as our provider and care-taker.
  • Father: Reverential, personal, familial and intimate name for God.
  • Messiah: Savior of God’s people. Anointed, chosen one of Israel.
  • Jesus: ‘Yahweh saves’. Yeshua + Christos = Jesus Christ. Incarnate Son of God. 

As I read through all of these, I wrote them down in my journal. It’s helped me have a bigger view of God, knowing that He is far beyond and better than I can imagine. He’s also very near, present and personal with me. I hope these names encourage you and even help you in your prayer life as you approach God and talk to Him! 

Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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