Loving to Maturity

Last week we established that spiritual maturity is much more than just head knowledge. Pastor Dustin wrote that in order for one to be spiritually mature, they must first and foremost love God. Loving God gives us the perfect foundation for growing in our spiritual journey. After we claim that spiritual maturity is impossible withoutContinue reading “Loving to Maturity”

Enjoying Food the Way God Intended: Resisting the Deadly Sin of Gluttony

It is safe to say that everyone enjoys food. We know it to be true that food is precious, and a good gift. Living in New Orleans, we experience food at its greatest potential. Nothing can exceed what our taste buds experience as we enjoy delicious New Orleans seafood and cuisine. Yet what we doContinue reading “Enjoying Food the Way God Intended: Resisting the Deadly Sin of Gluttony”

Never Satisfied & Always Wanting More: Uncovering the Deadly Sin of Envy

As Christians and followers of Christ, we are all on the same playing field. The reality is that we have been saved by the rich-redeeming grace of Jesus, and we are in constant, daily need of this grace because of our sinful tendencies and actions. One deadly sin that needs to be addressed and attackedContinue reading “Never Satisfied & Always Wanting More: Uncovering the Deadly Sin of Envy”

Living in the Reality of Injustice: Defeating the World’s Doubt About Christians

As believers and followers of Jesus, there is a great tension between our sinful condition and the grace and mercy of Jesus on our behalf. Our world is full of an abundance of issues and problems. It doesn’t take long to notice that our world is in deep, thick turmoil. Although this is a difficultContinue reading “Living in the Reality of Injustice: Defeating the World’s Doubt About Christians”

Divine Encounters

Personal evangelism. Those are two words that have personally intimidated, frightened, and turned me away over the years. I think of the people on the streets who are screaming “Turn or burn!” or even a forced conversation with someone with the hopes of them making a quick “decision” for Christ. Do these scenarios actually happen?Continue reading “Divine Encounters”

Defeating Doubt: Is the Bible Reliable in Our Daily Lives?

The Heart-Breaking Reality The amazing truth about Christianity that sets it apart from other religions and spiritual beliefs is that we serve a risen, resurrected and personal God. As Christians, we know this to be true in our own personal lives, but to those who are separated from Christ, it means nothing. How could somethingContinue reading “Defeating Doubt: Is the Bible Reliable in Our Daily Lives?”

Hustle and Bustle- 6 Misconceptions of Christmas

Christmas…the most wonderful time of the year…right? Who doesn’t love Christmas? Who doesn’t enjoy the functions, celebrations, events, great food, company, and music? As I’ve been reflecting through this Christmas season, I have been more observant this year of the attitudes and manners of different people as they are out and about. Christmas seems to beContinue reading “Hustle and Bustle- 6 Misconceptions of Christmas”

Our Flesh- His Fullness

The collision of the fullness of a glorious God with our weak feeble flesh is mysterious. There are days when I can’t help but to wonder how God continues to love and be so patient with me. I tend to find myself demonstrating a grumbling, complaining attitude so often, yet God always draws me toContinue reading “Our Flesh- His Fullness”