Find Your Spot

Life gets so busy, doesn’t it? On Sunday evenings, I’m sure that all of us, or most of us at least, take a deep breath and brace ourselves for Monday morning and the week ahead. Once Monday morning starts, the week seems to hit us without warning! We all need to retreat, refresh and rest,Continue reading “Find Your Spot”

Perspective From the Sky

Recently, I was traveling on an airplane and was given a window seat, which is always my seat option of choice, because I can glance out the window at an amazing view. This bird’s eye view of the world from an airplane window got me thinking, I couldn’t help but to look out the windowContinue reading “Perspective From the Sky”

Four Lessons I’ve Learned as a Newlywed

Marriage. What comes to mind when you hear this word? For me, I think of one of the greatest joys, but also one of the greatest challenges. If we look to God’s design for marriage, we will experience it joyfully, even through the challenges. My wife Emily and I have been married a year andContinue reading “Four Lessons I’ve Learned as a Newlywed”

Bring Me Back- An Easter Blog

In my daily life, I am easily distracted, pulled away and brought deep down away from where God wants me. I get caught up in the distractions and traps of people pleasing, my desires, comparison and other things that appear to be satisfying to me. It doesn’t take much to bring me down to theseContinue reading “Bring Me Back- An Easter Blog”

Replicate Response: Fast Purposefully

Fasting is one way of us showing God that we value His presence more than anything else in our lives. Personally, fasting is a spiritual discipline that I have always struggled with the most, but I’m honestly not surprised by that, because fasting is the action of giving up something, usually food, and clinging toContinue reading “Replicate Response: Fast Purposefully”

Replicate Response: Pray Earnestly

Prayer is our direct communication to God! I am still amazed at the reality that God grants me direct access to Him through prayer. It is truly amazing! Those of us who are His children and have given our lives to Him, have unlimited availability to talk to God. In our Western culture, we oftenContinue reading “Replicate Response: Pray Earnestly”

Replicate Response: Give Generously

Our church has been going through a series called Replicate, looking at what Jesus taught about discipleship in the book of Matthew. This past Sunday, our Lead Pastor preached on some practical next steps after our hearts have been changed and moved towards discipleship. This is a 3 part blog series that I wrote for our churchContinue reading “Replicate Response: Give Generously”