PODCAST – Pastors Appreciation Month!

If you didn’t know, October is Pastors Appreciation month! I am so thankful to serve as one of the pastors at Vintage Church NOLA alongside three amazing other pastors, Dustin Turner, Matt Brichetto and Mark Anthony Thomas. Our Lead Pastor, Dustin Turner, started a Vintage Church podcast recently called After Sunday. It focuses on conversationsContinue reading “PODCAST – Pastors Appreciation Month!”

VIDEO – The Story of the Bible

Do you ever wonder what the big picture story of the Bible is about? Grab your Bible and check out this conversation with me and my friend Jordan Hill called ‘Connect the Dots: The Story of the Bible’. We talk about how the overall story of the Bible covers Creation to New Creation. Keeping thisContinue reading “VIDEO – The Story of the Bible”

VIDEO – What’s up with the Bible?

Check out this conversation with me and my friend Jordan Hill called ‘Connect the Dots: What’s up with the Bible?‘. (If you would like to subscribe so you can always see the latest video, you can do that HERE) We will be doing a series of videos about the Bible and this is our firstContinue reading “VIDEO – What’s up with the Bible?”

Spiritual Connection in Marriage

Christian married friends, do you ever struggle with knowing how to connect with your spouse on a spiritual level? What’s the best way to do this? What should it look like? Or maybe you aren’t married yet, but desire to be one day, and you may have a specific idea of what you think it shouldContinue reading “Spiritual Connection in Marriage”