My Favorite 2022 Books & Podcasts

I’m always trying to learn and grow. The way this is played out in my life often depends on what season I am in. This year, much of my focus was on being a new Dad and spiritual formation. I read some great books and listened to some great podcasts. Instead of focusing on the quantity of how much I took in, I tried to focus on the quality of what I took in. I wanted to share some of my highlights with you and also include the links, incase you wanted to check them out for yourself!

Live No Lies:

A powerful book on how to engage spiritual warfare, which is connected to lies, that manifest themselves in the world, the flesh and the devil.

As a new Dad, this book was so helpful. The focus was on how to stumble your way through spiritual leadership in the home. It’s not about perfection, but simply being intentional.

Really enjoyed how this author broke down how each part of ourselves is meant to be formed into the image of Christ.

Silence and solitude do not come easy for us. This book encourages the reader to prioritize these disciplines, and shows how it helps us be more attentive to Gods voice.

In this podcast, Pete Scazzero discusses topics that are relevant to thriving holistically as a Christian and leader. My favorite episode for the year was, Don’t Trade Your Inner Life for the Illusion of Momentum.

In this podcast, Jerrad Lopes has rich, honest conversations about how husbands and dads can lead their families well. My favorite episode this year was Raising Emotionally Strong Kids (with David Thomas).

In this podcast, John Mark Comer has conversations about various spiritual practices. My favorite episode this year was Rest: An Act of Resistance.

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