Find Your Spot

Life gets so busy, doesn’t it? On Sunday evenings, I’m sure that all of us, or most of us at least, take a deep breath and brace ourselves for Monday morning and the week ahead. Once Monday morning starts, the week seems to hit us without warning!

We all need to retreat, refresh and rest, because life can be a grind. Knowing that we need to retreat is one thing, actually doing it is quite the other. Getting to this place takes some serious intentionality, and often times it requires us getting away and mixing up our surroundings. I like to call this a spot. This is not a place that you go to because you have to, but rather because you want to and need to. This spot should be a place that fills you up, refuels your tank, and allows your mind and body to be at rest.

This past summer, I preached a sermon at Vintage Church about choosing faith over fear (you can find it here). One of the points of my sermon was that “The Lord is our dwelling place”. When I think of a dwelling place, I think of a place that I can go to to find rest and peace. My wife and I have a small corner in our apartment that I often go to to rest, read, worship and go to God. This is my spot in our apartment, but I often have to retreat away to a spot as well, to reset my focus and fuel up for whats before me. Yes, these are just physical spaces and places, but they often drive me to spiritual rest and a pursuit toward God. Some of us enjoy the lake, mountains, beach, cities, dirt roads, open fields, coffee shops and other places. Surroundings do matter!

Even Jesus retreated consistently to a spot where he could find quiet and focus with His Father. There were times where the crowds were too much, and Jesus needed to refocus so that He could more effectively and efficiently minister to others. 

Luke 5:15-16

“But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.”

Here are some thoughts as to why we all need a spot:

  • We need to blot out the noise.

There are noises all around us. Not just noises that are audible, but also just circumstances in life, mistakes we’ve made and other things that often distract us from God if we aren’t careful. We have to approach God by pouring out to Him and then receiving in return the peace that only He can give. 

  • We need to hear from God.

Prayer with God and time in his Word are great ways to connect with the Lord and hear from Him. Before we do anything, God needs to be in it and leading us in that direction, as we are sensitive to the Spirit and God’s leading.

  • We need to refocus. 

More often than not, we all need a refocus. Sometimes we are focusing our attention and energy on the wrong things and simply spinning our wheels. Our perspective often needs to be re-adjusted toward the things that really matter.

  • We need to be recharged and ready. 

There is a lot of work to be done and much at stake! People need the Lord and Christians carry the greatest gift that can ever be given. We must steward it well, but also be ready to share it with others. This requires a sense of urgency and alertness, doing what’s before us 100% for God’s glory. In order to live with this in mind, we must first be recharged and ready.

So, what’s your spot? If you don’t have one, think about it. Take a step. Give it a shot. And make a plan! Bring this into your weekly rhythm and see how it helps. Remember, none of us are meant to go nonstop. We aren’t God, so rest in that reality and go find your spot! 

Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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