We Are ONE- Acts 10

With Christ, there is NO division. There is NO greater than or less than. There are NO favorites, right or wrong groups, gender or racial partiality. Do we accept and actively live this? Do we reflect what Christ came to demolish?

In Acts 10, Christ breaks the boundaries of division between Jews and Gentiles. Peter, a Jew, was approached in a vision by The Lord with a great sheet descending from Heaven to Him, at a time when he was hungry. On this sheet was a variety of animals to choose to eat from. The Lord commanded him, “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.” Peter was taken off guard by this, knowing that he had never eaten anything unclean. Gods voice then responds, saying, “What God has made clean, do not call common.” God takes the tradition that the Jews have been clinging to, and destroys it. Cornelius, a Gentile, is used by The Lord to meet with Peter face to face, and Peter goes without objection, knowing that he needed too. Jews and Gentiles were now becoming one in Christ, and Peter is faced with the circumcision party doubting him face to face, this reality of division being broken. Peter then confidentially and specifically recounts to them all that The Lord showed him through a vision, and they had nothing to say in opposition, in which they fell silent. This is the power of God being put on display, breaking the tradition of what man was absolutely absorbed in.

This is such a powerful proclamation of what The Lord stands for: Unity, true community, radical abandonment, love towards all, chains being broken, division being destroyed, love prevailing, and the authority of Christ triumphing over the opinion of man.
The Lord spoke to Peter, and he responded. Yes, there were questions about whether or not he should eat what was in front of him. There were hesitations, but as soon as Peter was affirmed and confirmed to the trueness of what was happening, Peter believed. Not only did he believe, but he recounted it to those who didn’t believe.

Think about your life. What is the tradition holding you back from Christ truly freeing you to experience all that He has in store?

Within the church: is it the style of music? Racial differences? Choosing favorites and selecting who you are in community with? Coming to church to see what you can gain, rather than what you can give?
In your personal life: is it breaking a habit that you go to so often? Neglecting time in Gods word because of social media? Spending more time trying to impress others rather than embracing who you are in Christ?

It could be all of these none of these, or some of these. Whatever your case is, Christ came to bring freedom, and see His people learn to live life with each other, regardless of the difference. Christ wants to see an incredible movement among His people, demonstrating what happened in the book of Acts. This is all about Him, not us. So what divisions do we need to let Him break us of?
Think about it, pray about it!

Picture taken by Vintage Church. 

Published by Matthew Weaver

Christ follower, husband, friend and pastor.

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