My Favorite 2022 Books & Podcasts

I’m always trying to learn and grow. The way this is played out in my life often depends on what season I am in. This year, much of my focus was on being a new Dad and spiritual formation. I read some great books and listened to some great podcasts. Instead of focusing on theContinue reading “My Favorite 2022 Books & Podcasts”

VIDEO – Take Care of Yourself

Vintage Church Sunday Worship Gathering In this sermon, I preach from 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24, where the Apostle Paul challenges the church of Thessalonica to take care of their whole humanity, inside and out. To be human means to have an outer life and inner life. We are to take care of our whole selves, andContinue reading “VIDEO – Take Care of Yourself”

VIDEO – Obedience Over Grumbling

Vintage Church Sunday Worship Gathering: In this sermon I preach from Exodus 15:22-27, where Israel faced another challenge on their journey. They chose to grumble, instead of obey. Moses models for us in this text what it looks like to go to God with our challenges, and then obey Him. “Then Moses made Israel set outContinue reading “VIDEO – Obedience Over Grumbling”

PODCAST – A Divided Nation Needs a United Church

Real People Real Talk – Paul Calcote Podcast I had the opportunity, along with my friends Irvin Wasswa and Adam Venters, to join the conversation “A Divided Nation Needs a United Church” on my friend Paul Calcote’s podcast (Real People Real Talk). This was a very impactful conversation for me, especially in light of theContinue reading “PODCAST – A Divided Nation Needs a United Church”